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[bluetooth-dev] bt stack function calls

Hi everybody,

as far as I saw the btd source, even on top of the lower layer, I have to
distinguish if I write a usermode or a kernel mode app.

I think some time ago I saw a mail on this list where someone was talking
about a library for the stack.

I personally would need direct access to the l2cap and hci functions, and
probably i am not alone.

I would like to write an application, where I can step by step inititialize
the device, do an inquiry, establish a baseband-link and an l2cap channel
and send data over that channel, without having to care about that
kernel/usermode thing, just using  the functions of the different layers.

Is that possible right now in any way?

Can it be made possible especcialy in kernel mode, or are there some
restrictions due to the fact that there is no straight access to the kernel
module ?

Will there be problems with the callback functions?

Bye and thanks


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