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RE: [bluetooth-dev] getting new versions

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> From: Patrick Clauberg [mailto:pat@xxxxxxx.de]
> Sent: 17 April 2001 15:52
> To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] getting new versions
> Hi,
> what is the appropriate way to get new versions of the bt stack?
> will there be kinds of "releases" every once in a while like 
> the tar thing from january, or now, that cvs is running is
> this the only way to get new stack versions?
> Are the commits to the cvs always tested and useable?
> bye
> Patrick

* For the latest and greatest use CVS.
* For a somewhat more reliable version you can get the CVS-snapshots
  from the OpenBT projects site on SourceForge (latest is 0.0.2) 
  that we occasionally make available.
* There are also tags in the CVS repository of the format Rx_y_z.
  These are for our internal releases, and should be considered
  stable. Although what differs between two such tags is up to
  yourself to find out ;)

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