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[bluetooth-dev] IBM PCMCIA card against OpenBT stack !

Hey Ho,

I finally got an IBM PCMCIA Bluetooth card. It works fine against the
Axis stack.

When I am using btdm with a sleep(1) instead of starting pppd, I can do
cat /dev/ttyBT0 on the Linux side and start a terminal program on the
windows side. Every pressed key in the terminal program is displayed in
the linux's console ! Fine !

But ... How can I do LAN access using PPP ? The IBM software
(digianswer) supports this, but on the linux side only the pppd is
startedan nothing more ! Any ideas !

I would be very lucky about some advise ! Perhaps anybody else has done
this before with success !

\ Matthias Fuchs                                 \
 \ esd electronic system design Gmbh              \
  \ Vahrenwalder Straße 205                        \
   \ D-30165 Hannover                               \
    \ email: matthias.fuchs@xxxxxxx.com      \
     \ phone: +49-511-37298-0                         \
      \ fax:   +49-511-37298-68                        \
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