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RE: [bluetooth-dev] bt stack function calls

This is possible as of today using the functions in the apps/bluetooth/experimental directory.

For an example of a small application that does stack only initialization you can 
see the btinit.c which works in both usermode stack and kernel mode stack.

When compiled for usermode stack bt_if.c interfaces kernel code using direct
function calls and when compiled 'normally' it uses ioctls.

In order to compile for usermode stack you need to define BT_USERSTACK 
(not BTD_USERSTACK as in the old code...) in your makefile (this will be 
added later on, for now look in the apps/bluetooth/userstack Makefile).

There are still more to do in order to make _all_ functions work 
seemlessly together with both usermode stack and kernel stack but the most 
important stuff is there. You can see for yourself in bt_if.c what need to be 
done. However, as stated in the kernel readme file the usermode stack is still 
only intended for testing purposes and works a bit differently compared to 
the kernel mode stack.


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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] bt stack function calls
> Hi everybody,
> as far as I saw the btd source, even on top of the lower 
> layer, I have to
> distinguish if I write a usermode or a kernel mode app.
> I think some time ago I saw a mail on this list where someone 
> was talking
> about a library for the stack.
> I personally would need direct access to the l2cap and hci 
> functions, and
> probably i am not alone.
> I would like to write an application, where I can step by 
> step inititialize
> the device, do an inquiry, establish a baseband-link and an 
> l2cap channel
> and send data over that channel, without having to care about that
> kernel/usermode thing, just using  the functions of the 
> different layers.
> Is that possible right now in any way?
> Can it be made possible especcialy in kernel mode, or are there some
> restrictions due to the fact that there is no straight access 
> to the kernel
> module ?
> Will there be problems with the callback functions?
> Bye and thanks
> Patrick
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