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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Open BT stack on ARM7TDMI

>>>>> "JN" == Jenny Nyberg <jennykatarina@xxxxxxx.se> writes:

 JN> Hi, I am beginner with the axis bluetooth stack and would like to
 JN> know whether there is a guideline for porting the stack to an
 JN> ARM7TDMI environment. Is there any script/makefile which I could
 JN> directly use

Since the ARM7TDMI is an ARM without an MMU, you would need to use a
version of Linux that runs without an MMU.  For instance, uCLinux.

Some people have done work to make the stack run with an SA110 (which
is a `netwinder' that is available from www.rebel.com).  This work
would take care of most ARM specific problems, such as alignement

However, if you use uCLinux there will be more problems porting.
Perhaps a newer version will merge uCLinux support.

Bill Pringlemeir

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