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[bluetooth-dev] device name lookup and service discovery failing

I'm working with the openbt 0.02 release on both a linux pc and the axis dev
board. I use a third machine (win98 with toshiba's card and software) to do
device and service discovery. Everything is working perfectly for the stack
on the pc- it's bluetooth module is visible to the win98 machine, and
service discovery works like a charm. But I have two problems with the stack
of the dev board. First, the toshiba software fails when trying to do name
discovery on the dev board's module (it works great for the pc's module,
displaying the pc's hostname as the BT device name). Second, service
discovery from the win98 machine to the dev board's BT module fails.

The openbt driver is compiled into the dev board's kernel with only the
"Bluetooth Driver" and "Bluetooth Proc Entries" options selected under in
make menuconfig (bluetooth support as a char device is of course enabled).
I've included the dev board's console output for the failed service
discovery below.

any ideas?
    thanks, patrick

Console Output
Jan  1 03:06:09 axisdev btd: Initiating signal handler
Jan  1 03:06:09 axisdev btd: Opening dev /dev/ttyS0
BT (ldisc) bt_tty_open
BT SYS: Setting BT driver to use serial tty
Jan  1 03:06:09 axisdev btd: Opening dev /dev/ttyBTC
BT (driver) bt_open on line 7
BT SYS: Registering tty on line 7
BT SYS: Now 1 open fd:s for ttyBTC
BT (driver) bt_ioctl: forwarding ioctl 0x540b to serial driver
BT (driver) bt_flush_buffer
BT SYS: Initialising Bluetooth Stack
BT SYS: hci_init, Initialising HCI
BT SYS: HCI emulator off
BT SYS: hci_init, Initialising HCI inbuffers [800]
BT SYS: hci_init, Reading buffer sizes in the module...

HW module contains...
10 ACL buffers at 800 bytes
0 SCO buffers at 0 bytes

Ericsson HW revision info:
 Generated: 2000-04-28 15:54
 Comment: CXC 125 244 P9A

BT SYS: hci_init, Host flow control not enabled
BT SYS: Initialising L2CAP
BT SYS: Local bd [00:d0:b7:03:29:7b]
BT SYS: Initialising RFCOMM
BT SYS: Initialising SDP
BT SYS: sdp_init, Init sdp as server
BT SYS: Initialising TCS
BT SYS: Initialising BTMEM [2500 bytes]
BT (driver) setting write scan enable : [0x3]
hci_write_scan_enable, enable 3
BT (driver) bt_ioctl: Setting baudrate in host controller to 115200
BT (ldisc) bt_tty_ioctl cmd 0x5401
BT (ldisc) bt_tty_ioctl: forwarding ioctl 0x5401 to n_tty line disc
BT (ldisc) bt_tty_ioctl cmd 0x5402
BT (ldisc) bt_tty_ioctl: forwarding ioctl 0x5402 to n_tty line disc
BT (ldisc) bt_tty_ioctl cmd 0x540b
BT (ldisc) bt_tty_ioctl: forwarding ioctl 0x540b to n_tty line disc
BT SYS: process_event, ACL link is up
process_return_param, ROLE_DISCOVERY: BT SYS: ERROR :process_return_param,
BT SYS: process_event, DISCONNECTION_COMPLETE Other End Terminated
Connection: User Ended Connection
BT SYS: lp_disconnect_ind : Connection handle 1 disconnected
BT SYS: closing l2cap con (64,64)
BT SYS: l2cap channel (64,64) [SDP] disconnected

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