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[bluetooth-dev] Problem with second connection with last changes


I encountered a problem with the OpenBT stack today. I must have
something to do with the last (?) changes.
When I connect from a Win98 laptop to my linux box (where the Axis stack
is running), everything is fine. The stack accepts the connection and
starts modem emulator and later pppd. When I now start a second
connection to the Linux maschine on an other rfcomm channel (4), this
connection is also listet with line0 as line ! That means line 0 is
connected with dlci 0, dlci 2 and (!) dlci 4. The last versions
connected a second rfcomm connection to an other line (e.g. 1 ->
ttyBT1). In this case the first connection is still working, but of
course I cannot use the second one !

Any idea ?


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