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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Problem with second connection with last changes

Hi Gordon,

Gordon McNutt wrote:

> Can you provide date/times for the last version that worked and when you
> fetched the current version? 
I am not really sure about that date/time. It was working about two days
ago !
> And are you using user mode or kernel mode?
I am using kernel mode.

Here is a dump of /proc/bt_internal. the interessting stuff is under
[RFCOMM]. I first set up a "dial up networking" conection. After that I
setup a serial port connection. I modified sdp.xml to publish server
channel 2 for serial port stuff. This works fine as you can see below.
But what I cannot understand is, that also line 0 is used !

Does this help ?


[Bluetooth Status]
bytes received : 1644
bytes sent     : 253

Vendor:        Ericsson
Firmware info: 
 Generated: 2000-07-03 12:15
 Comment: CXC 125 244 P9B

[BT Interface]
line[0] state : BT_ACTIVE
line[1] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[2] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[3] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[4] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[5] state : BT_INACTIVE
line[6] state : BT_INACTIVE

Buffer holds : 0
Bytes left : 2228


line[0] mtu[127] dlci#0 state[CONNECTED]
line[0] mtu[127] dlci#2 state[CONNECTED]
line[0] mtu[127] dlci#4 state[CONNECTED]


local bd :[00:d0:b7:03:16:fc]

r_bd[00:50:cd:14:a1:99 ]
lcid[65] rcid[66] state[OPEN] psm[RFCOMM]
remote_mtu[256] local_mtu [256] clnt[no] link_up[yes]

r_bd[00:50:cd:14:a1:99 ]
lcid[64] rcid[64] state[OPEN] psm[SDP]
remote_mtu[512] local_mtu [672] clnt[no] link_up[yes]

unit_id unit_bd_address uint_mode unit_name
0 00:50:CD:14:A1:99 active 
The connected hci handlers are:
HCI handle:1

Free data buffers in HW : 8
Free command buffers in HW : 1

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