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[bluetooth-dev] ASIC Designers / HW Digital Board Design

I understand you may have needs for ASIC Designers / HW Digital Board
Designers. We are the largest provide of Contract and Perm Hardware
Engineers in the Silicon Valley. I would like to assist you with your need
of Hardware/Software Engineers (ASIC, FPGA, Board-level) / ASIC Design /
Verification Specialists.

Can you please forward a complete jobs description regarding your ASIC
Designers / HW Digital Board Designers needs. We will submit to you
directly available candidates for your review.

Our Expertise is in:

Hardware Engineering (ASIC, FPGA, Board-level)
ASIC Design / Verification - Verilog / VHDL, Synopsys
Digital Design - Board-level Design , Viewlogic / Orcad
FPGA Design (Xilinx / Altera)  - Verilog / VHDL
Windows Device Driver Development
Unix / Linux kernel
Networking / Telecom application development
Windows / Unix C, C++, SNMP, CMIP
Call Processing / Signalling
Network Protocol development and implementation (OSPF, RIP, BGP,NAT etc.)

Realtime Embedded Systems Development
VxWorks, Psos, VRTX, RTOS, Linux (only embedded)
Firmware / Diagnostics Development
Board Bring up, Boot Code Development
Operating Systems and Device driver development
Windows CE Driver Development

Best regards,

Javier Diaz
Account Manager

Yoh IT
4633 Old Ironsides Drive
Suite 330
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(800) 946-9482
(408) 654-9192 Ext. 256
(408) 654-9197 Fax
Know greater talent.


Looking for a great science or technology career? Go to http://www.yoh.com

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