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[bluetooth-dev] Telnet/FTP work in user mode or kernel mode+Thank you

Dear all:

            PPP can operate in usermode of
"bluetooth_20001031.tgz" after I had followed  hints
of Chia Benham & S.K. Law. Thanks a lot  for their

            Though I can ping I.P address of two PCs
in terminal, they cannot operate in Telnet/FTP.

            Do anybody answer my question?

1. Does Telnet/FTP work in user mode or kernel mode?
2. How to achieve it?

My situation:
Linux version: Red hat 6.2 Zoot, 2.2.14 kernel in
Xwindow graphic mode

hardware: 2 linux Desktop PCs with the same version &
null modem cable

Bluetooth driver: bluetooth_20001031.tgz  
 null modem link between two serial ports

Please help me!


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