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Re: [bluetooth-dev] # of ttyBT device files

"Gathright, Dave" wrote:
> Gordon,
> I believe a Bluetooth transceiver can only have 7 active connections at a
> time even though RFCOMM should support 64 connections (6 bit DLCI), less 4
> reserved. 
What do you mean by that (less 4 reserved) ?

I think it is possible that you once connect to a device and after that
you can setup more than one rfcomm connection the the device ! Each
rfcomm connection should use a seperate ttyBTx. That means that more
than 7 ttyBTx could be needed if you setup a bunch of rfcomm
connections, even to different slaves.

> So, the idea behind the 7 ttyBT* inodes is probably related to
> this. Just as a side note, the way you use more of the RFCOMM connections is
> by placing the slave in HOLD mode and connecting to an alternate.
You do this, if you weant to setup RFCOMM conns to other devices !

Do I think right ?

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