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[bluetooth-dev] Devices for Linux

Hi ...

we're currently setting up a project where Bluetooth support in Linux is
needed. We plan to realize a mobile demonstrator based on the Compaq
iPAQ with mLinux. So in order to enable Bluetooth on this device we
realized the following options:

* iPAQ with PC Card Expansion Pack and mLinux

* Bluetooth Hardware:
  - Serial -> not supported by iPAQ/mLinux without Craddle -> NO
  - USB -> via PC Card Expansion Packs and USB PC Card -> PERHAPS
  - PC Card -> via PC Card Expansion Pack -> PREFERRED

* Axis BT Stack or IBM BlueDrekkar BT Stack

According to our search of mailing lists and web sites, both the Axis
and IBM stack currently don't support BT PC Cards, so we need to use an
serial or USB BT card. This means we need an iPAQ expansion pack for PC
Cards and an additional USB PC Card. Not very elegant.

Does anyone see a better solution to go with? Has anyone sucessfully
worked with a Bluetooth PC Card under Linux? How do you estimate the
effort for porting drivers/BT stack to mLinux?

Regards ... Frank

 Frank Kargl          Multimedia Computing, University of Ulm, Germany
   Use the SOURCE, Luke !  I feel a great disturbance in the SOURCE.
            But beware of the Microsoft side of the SOURCE !
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