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[bluetooth-dev] "physical" bluetooth (ttyBT*) port?

I have a pc running the openbt stack with an ericsson module hanging off one
serial port (ttyS0). Coming into the other serial port (ttyS1) is a stream
of data produced by another system (not a pc, unfortunately). My problem: I
need the data arriving at ttyS1 directly forwarded to ttyBT0 for handling
and transmission by the stack. I have a quick-n-dirty solution with a little
app that opens both ports, then loops through reads from ttyS1 and writes to
ttyBT0- but it doesn't work very well.

Is it possible to somehow "attach" the ttyBT0 device to the physical port
that is normally ttyS1, so anything received from the outside world on the
port is immediately handed off to the bluetooth stack?

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