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[bluetooth-dev] incorrect disconnect behavior ?


while doing some connect/disconnect testing I encountered this behavior:

I am using a PCMCIA card to connect to an embedded board using current
cvs version of OpenBT.
I am using dialup networking to connect (digianswer softwaresuite). On
the embedded board first the modememulator is running. When it has
finished being a modem, it starts the pppd. Fine ! But ,when I
disconnect the LAN connection and later disconnect the
RFCOMM-connection, the modemumulator is running again. Is never
terminates. Of course this is not a huge problem, because reconnecting
is working fine, but the ttyBTx stays upper connected ! THe problem is
that my btd-application (a clone of btdm) starts also different (serial
port) applikations beside pppd and memul. So the ttyBTx must be clean
after a disconnect ! Any idea how to shut down the modelemulator in this
case ?

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