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Re: [bluetooth-dev] HW with Linux drivers/Wich Stack ?

Kenan Esau wrote:

> > I'd like to do my master thesis in the area of bluetooth and want to
> > develop an application under Linux. Which hardware can I use. I need one
> > PCMCIA card which works with Linux and one bluetooth device (maybe USB or a
> > ISA/PCI-Card) for my PC.
> >
> > Which stack should I use (IBM or Axis) ??

Currently Axis supports a serial or USB connection. The last time I checked IBM
only has serial support. If you're developing a client application to run on a
PC then IBM's may be easier to deal with at the moment. If you need to debug,
modify, recompile, cross-compile or do anything other than simply use the
IBM stack you're out of luck, however.

> > Should all devices operate with all Stacks ??

Should? Yes. Do? Not necessarily. If the device has a serial connection then
there's a good chance it will 'just work' without any hacking. For USB I'm not
sure what the odds are. At my company we use the Ericsson Hardware Dev Kits
(little cards with a USB and serial connection).

> Well does really no one know what hardware to use with Linux. Does no one
> know of a PCMCIA - card ?

I don't. Maybe you can find a more suitable forum to ask about PCMCIA cards for
Linux? Maybe you can look under the PCMCIA devices listed in the kernel config?


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