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Re: [bluetooth-dev] PCMCIA card

On Monday 30 April 2001 18:23, you wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone have any recommendations for a PCMCIA card that works well with
> the Axis stack? I would prefer a card that has a range under 10m.
Well -- at least I am not the only one who has this problem. The people of 
this forum all seem to use development boards with a RS232-interface. To find 
a PCMCIA-card with linux-support is very hard.

Ambicom (www.ambicom.com) has a PCMCIA and a CF- card where Linux-support is 
at least listed in the product whitepapers. But I do not know which stack 
they use. I have already sent a mail to support@xxxxxxx.com a few hours ago 
for further information about those questions (I am searching for a USB or 
ISA or PCI-device too) but I did not get an answer yet.

Maybe you can find some useful information at the IBM-bluedrekar-discussion 
board somewhere at alphaworks.ibm.com

If you've got more information about this topic please send me a mail. I 
urgently need this PCMCIA device. 

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