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[bluetooth-dev] EBSK basic questions


I want to know if it is possible to implement the EBSK with a microprocessor (in the case the micro will be the host). I want to demonstrate a basic point to point bluetooth connection.
The EBSK consist of a mother board (with power circuits) and a daughter board with the Ericsson bluetooth module, the famous ROK 101-007.

Hardware :
There are two solutions for hardware :
I take the entire board and I use the RS232 or I keep only the bluetooth module.
I think the first solution is the best, is it ?

I have all the source code in c++, but, this program also handles the GUI.
What do I need to communicate with the module ?
Is it possible to create a link with only HCI commands ?

Expecting an early reply...



Alexandre Lach
Schneider Electric

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