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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Stack design and some anoucements

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 06:59:48PM -0700, Maksim Krasnyanskiy wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm seeing more and more activity and discussions about Bluetooth
> stack design, interfaces, etc So I thought would be the right time to
> share some ideas and to make some announcements :).
> Here we go. 
> You guys did an excellent job developing your Bluetooth stack but it
> seems to me that you went in a little bit wrong direction (no
> disrespect :)). For example "char device / ioctl" interface is not a
> good idea for networking protocols.  The better way to go is "sockets"
> which were specifically designed for the networking stuff and allow to
> easily port and reuse tons of existing applications.

The one current advantage of using a tty device as a low level driver
is that the current usb bluetooth driver works with about 4 different
Linux Bluetooth stacks (yes there are more out there.)  There is yet
another stack out there that uses a traditional char device version of
bluetooth.c that should be getting merged into the mainline sometime

I'm all for increased speed, and code sharing, but because of this
compatibility, I can't justify removing the current bluetooth.c driver
from the usb driver tree.

I have a few minor usb driver suggestions that I'll send on later based
on skimming hci_usb.c.


greg k-h
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