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Re: [bluetooth-dev] SDP question

Mandana Amiri wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been using Axis stack (User mode) in my embedded application without any
> SDP layer. I'm running Axis (no SDP) on both sides and everything is fine, I can
> transfer files over.
> Now I want to be able to receive a file from Digianswer BT, so I have to add SDP
> support, just enough to be discoverable by Digianswer. Since I don't have much
> memory available, can someone give me a quick hint on how to enable SDP.
> 1- Do I have to run start_sdp_server, if I'm only a slave?


> 2- Is sdp_init enough to let the stack respond to SDP requests from Digianswer?


The sdp_server daemon responds to SDP queries from remote devices. No daemon, no
SDP responses.

sdp_init just initializes the data structures in the SDP layer of the stack. This
is enough to send SDP queries TO remote devices, but not enough to intercept and
respond to queries FROM remote devices.


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