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[bluetooth-dev] More BlueZ anouncements: RFCOMMd 1.0 released


Me again :)

Just released RFCOMMd 1.0 http://bluez.sourceforge.net/download.html
VTun for L2CAP is next.

Sorry for lack of documentation for BlueZ and apps. I wrote 99.99% of the stack myself(alone) and haven't 
had a time for writing documentation. So, if you have any questions just go ahead and sends them to the 
mailing list. 

Also sorry for being kind of slow in replying to e-mails. I've got so many of them :)) looks like a lot of people 
are excited about new design and are interested in further development. I've already got couple of patches. 
Thank you guys I really appreciate your help and support. 


Maksim Krasnyanskiy		
Senior Kernel Engineer
Qualcomm Incorporated

(408) 557-1092

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