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[bluetooth-dev] VTun for L2CAP available.

Ok. Hopefully last announcement for today :)

VTun port to L2CAP sockets is available on BlueZ CVS server. 
It supports IP, Ethernet, PPP over L2CAP. LZO and ZLIB compression, BlowFish encryption, Traffic shaping.
See http://vtun.sourceforge.net for more information about VTun. 

Some of the functionality used for IP tunneling is of course not necessary in Bluetooth case. 
Eventually it will be rewritten and renamed to something like PANd. In the mean time  it 
might be useful for developers and those who want to experiment with Bluetooth networking.

Documentation talks only about TCP and UDP. 
	PSM in place of Port
	BD address in place of IP address
Also Replace "proto udp" with "proto l2cap" in config file and it should work.


Maksim Krasnyanskiy		
Senior Kernel Engineer
Qualcomm Incorporated

(408) 557-1092

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