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[bluetooth-dev] i can't send data using CSR dev kit.

I am trying to use CSR development kit with axis stack.
The following is what i have done until now.

1. Upgrade CSR module firmware to version 10.4
2. The following is set with PSTools
- Host Interface ==> UART link running H4
- Marketing fask(Flashing Lights) ==> Diagonostic and Effect
- UART : Non-BCSP Enabled ==> Enable
- UART : Parity Bits ==> No parity
- UART : Stop Bits ==> One stop bit
- UART : RTS Auto Enable ==> Disable
- UART : RTS Enable ==> Enable
- UART : Baud Rate ==> 115200 kbps
- UART : Flow control Enabled ==> Enbled
- UART configuration bitfields ==> 168

3. Unzip the axis stack version 20010329 and modify as follow...
- #define CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_CSR in the file, openbt/apps/bluetooth/btd/btd.h
- #define HW_CURRENT HW_CSR in the file,

4. make
make install
make devs
insmod bt.o

5. btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -b /dev/ttyBT0 -m -e 0 -r server -s 115200 -R

And, i entered command mode.

6. > inq 5 5
BT (driver) bt_ioctl : HCINQUIRY
hci_inquiry (9)
0x01 0x01 0x04 0x05 0x33 0x8b 0x9e 0x05 0x05
BD addr 1
BD (6)
0x00 0x02 0x5b 0xff 0x08 0x2b
BD 0: 00:02:5b:ff:08:2b

7. > rf_conn 00:02:5b:ff:08:2b 0 1
BT (driver) bt_ioctl : BTCONNECT
BT (driver) bt_connect : Connecting srv ch 0 on line 1
we don't have l2cap ch yet for this rfcomm ch
bd (6)
0x2b 0x08 0xff 0x5b 0x02 0x00
sleep on line 1
BT SYS: process_event, ACL link is up
l2cap options : (0)
process_return_param, ROLE_DISCOVERY: Connected as Master.
BT SYS: Still haven't replied pos on other sides conf req
BT SYS: l2cap channel (64,64) [RFCOMM] connected
BT SYS: rfcomm_config_cfm: l2cap is now open
BT SYS: bt_register_rfcomm : dlci 0 on line 1
bt_connect_cfm status : 0
BT (driver) bt_connect_cfm [RCOMM]
BT (driver) bt_connect_cfm, line 1 [RCOMM]

Until now, i didn't have a problem.

8. When i use rf_send command, i say why?
> rf_send 2 2 1
Opening /dev/ttyBT1
BT (driver) bt_open on line 1
BT SYS: Registering tty on line 1
BT (driver) bt_ioctl: forwarding ioctl 0x540b to serial driver
BT (driver) bt_flush_buffer
wait for a connection on line 1
Already got connection on line 1
bt_waitline : got a connection !
Now sending 2 2-bytes packet (0 kB) on line 1
BT SYS: ERROR : rfcomm_send_data : Not allowed to send data on DLCI 0
BT SYS: ERROR : rfcomm_send_data : Not allowed to send data on DLCI 0
0 kB left to send...
Average TX rate : 4 kbps (0 kB/s)
Closing /dev/ttyBT1
BT (driver) bt_close on line 1
BT SYS : Unregistering tty on line 1

I got above ERROR. but i don't know about it. What is DLCI? and what
shoud do i to correct this
problem? Above command 'rf_send' is done on server. On client, there was
no response.

If this command(rf_send) works good, '1' and '2' will be displayed on
client, i think.
Is my opinion right?

Please reply to my question...
i will wait for your help. thanks.

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