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Re: [Bluez-users] Re: [bluetooth-dev] Stack design and some anoucements


> > What kind of scatternet support are you looking for ?
>Hmm..probably I was not specific enough in my question... Sorry for that.
>The background of my question was to check the possibility of implementing
>some sort of routing through scatternets on top of/by usage of your stack
>for whatever kind of application runs on top. 
>If you think one has all means by hand by using HCI in it's best (as from you :)) --- I would 
>believe you. I just wanna make clear, that I'm not missing anything here.
I believe that BlueZ has all interfaces that say scatternet manager app would need.

BTW. What kind of scatternet routing do you have in mind ?
I need an example :)) 

> > Routing in ad-hoc networking is done on higher layer (e.g. IP). So,
>Bluetooth stack has >little to do with it.
>Again, hmmm... all the world speaks about "routing is performed by IP". I
>personally don't think so. I tend to treat a BT channel as nothing special
>than an ordinary phone or ISDN line, just wireless, which has to be
>established and managed, probably over multiple, changing hops. Therefor I
>would implement routing as an Q.931 comparible protocol stack on top of the
>BT layer2.  Could that work?
That would be way tooo complicated. BaseBand layer probably would have to be redesigned :).
It is much simplier do routing in IP layer.


Maksim Krasnyanskiy		
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Qualcomm Incorporated

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