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Re: [Bluez-users] Re: [bluetooth-dev] Stack design and some anoucements

> BTW. What kind of scatternet routing do you have in mind ?
> I need an example :))

<grin> That is currently undecided. I think it could be some sort of AODV
like algorithm...

> That would be way tooo complicated. BaseBand layer probably would have to
be redesigned :).
> It is much simplier do routing in IP layer.

Why baseband? AFAIK at least on top of HCI one is free to transmit/receive
anything he want, isn't he? So routing protocol data should be transparent
for Radio/Basband/LMP and L2CAP. Wouldn't you agree, that an effective
packet routing algorithm could (with some efforts) be established between
compatible stations on top of HCI and far away from IP?

BTW: I like your stack. For me as a beginner it is very exciting to have the
Bluetooth spec on the left hand and your implementation on the right...


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