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Re: [Bluez-users] Re: [bluetooth-dev] Stack design and some anoucements


> > That would be way tooo complicated. BaseBand layer probably would have to be redesigned :).
> > It is much simplier do routing in IP layer.
>Why baseband? AFAIK at least on top of HCI one is free to transmit/receive
>anything he want, isn't he ? 
>So routing protocol data should be transparent for Radio/Basband/LMP and L2CAP. 
No. BaseBand ACL packets don't have a _type_ indication and are supposed to go directly to L2CAP layer.
Anything that you'll send over ACL will be treated as L2CAP packet on other side.

>Wouldn't you agree, that an effective packet routing algorithm could (with some efforts) be established between
>compatible stations on top of HCI and far away from IP ?
Not on top of HCI.
You can not do any transparent routing on BaseBand ACL or L2CAP layers unless they are redesigned. 


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