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[bluetooth-dev] how can i send a wanted data using CSR dev kit?

Hi. I received a reply from Mattias Agren. Thanks Mr. Mattias.
He said that i must do 'rf_conn <BD> [1-62] <line>' in the command mode.
So, i did it and
the device worked fine. After rf_conn command, i used rf_send on server
as following.

> rf_send 2 1 1

When it was done on server, the following messages was displayed on client.

> BT SYS : bt_linebuf_add : adding 2 bytes

Yes, 2 bytes was sent through radio line. But i don't know what data sent.

I want to send and receive some data that i want. What should do i for it?
Should i modify the axis stack source? But i don't know about bluetooth
stack, so i can't modify.
Maybe, i think that someone else did this work and he had the modified
Please tell me how can i solve this problem? or how can i get the
modifed source or a idea?

Thank you for reading.
I will wait for reply.

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