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RE: [bluetooth-dev] CSR

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> From: V Kugan [mailto:kgn_bt@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: 09 May 2001 10:22
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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] CSR
> Hi All
> In axis bt stack, in hci_vendor.c hci_set_baudrate for
> csr, baudrate below 57600 is not implemented, is it
> because no one wanted it or is there any reason for
> it.
> i want to have 19200 baudrete.

No reason at all. Should be easy to add.
Actually I have already added it :)

> And also is ther any vendor specific hci command for
> resetting the CSR module, maybe any CSR engineer on
> this list can answer it.


#define CSR_CMD_COLD_RESET	0x4001

Send it in a similar way as e.g. CSR_CMD_BUILD_ID and it
should reset the module (I have not tested this, just
reading from the docs).

> Thank you very much
> Regards
> Kugan

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