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[bluetooth-dev] To all Bluezers !

Hi folks,

The Bluez project has two mailing lists and the OpenBT project has its
own. So what is the reason, that everybody post to both project lists ?
People that want to be informed or discuss things about Bluez should use
the Bluez lists and the OpenBT people should use the bluetooth-dev list.

Since both projects are very different, I do not see a huge merge in the
near future.

So please send specific postings only to one list. I do not really like
to read all postings in both lists.
Is there anybody of the same opinion ?

\ Matthias Fuchs                                 \
 \ esd electronic system design Gmbh              \
  \ Vahrenwalder Straße 205                        \
   \ D-30165 Hannover                               \
    \ email: matthias.fuchs@xxxxxxx.com      \
     \ phone: +49-511-37298-0                         \
      \ fax:   +49-511-37298-68                        \
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