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RE: [bluetooth-dev] bt usb device driver

Well this list is devoted to Bluetooth on Linux, so your posting in somewhat
the wrong place, but I can respond, so...

Browse to

check out the links on that page.  In particular you will need the Windows
DDK from Microsoft's site.  Also, check the home page of that site OSR has a
good Windows device driver programming book (OSR specializes in NT, but
you'll need to write a WDM driver which is what NT drivers are now and will
also work under the 98s, Me, etc.).  If you can afford a helper tool-kit and
don't plan on devoting 20+ years of your life exclusively to Windows device
drivers I highly recommend the DriverWorks tool-kit from Compuware Numega.
Soft-Ice is very handy as well, and some of the other tools in NuMega's
Driver Suite may come in handly.  This won't keep you from needing to
understand the fundamentals of the DDK, but it will save you years of
accumulating stock code to help with common tasks and provide you with the
benefits of open source software development (not free mind you, but still
source code available and reviewable by customers and beta

Also its been a long time for me, but there is a very good newsgroup with a
name that is close to the following...

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We're making Bluetooth USB device driver for Windows.

Unfortunately we do not know how to make device
drivers and are seeking help from experienced
individuals. We have been trying to find books &
manuals that can assist us but we han't found really
helpful ones.

Q: What are the things thAt we must know & whAt
structure must we follow?

Hoping for your immediate response.
Thank you.

Janice Ballesteros
Ghia Corros
Student Assistants
Advanced Science & Tech Institute (ASTI)

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