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[bluetooth-dev] SDP ERROR

Hi All
I am trying to have SDP Service attribute request
(ioctl BT_SDP_REQUEST_DATA) as given in Marcus Smith's
test programme with the same value with latest CVS
on the server side I am getting 
process_service_attr_req: ERROR: Packet length (15)
Shorter than actual Packet lenght (37), 
what could be the reason for it ?? if the data given
to bt_sdp_request data given in the test programme
valid ony for 20010108 stak, it shouldnt be that,
Did any one got it right with the latest stack??

And also I would like to have cold reset implemented
as an ioctl, has any one already done that???, CSR
people told me that it is implemented as in spec, so I
believe other vendors also have done it in the same
way, in that case it will not be a vendor specific,
has any one give me some pointers about it .


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