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[bluetooth-dev] btd and btdm problem

Hello all,
The newest release (5/7) of the experimental multipoint btd seems to have
"broken" for us. I say this in quotes because it never really worked for us.

Here is the problem:
in the old march release of the stack, btd would fail to get a bluetooth
address, and there is no communication with the hardware at all. However,
btdm would be able to retrieve an address, but then seg faults immediately
afterwards. The odd behavior occurs when we then run btd (non-multipoint)
again, it then works flawlessly. It seems that btdm does some initialization
in the bt.o driver that btd does not.

However, now the newest release of btdm no longer obtains an address and
states that it "Found no IPA server" and shuts down when starting SDP, but
the btd still is unable to talk to hardware.

here are the log files for the may release btd and btdm:
 <<btd.ZIP>>  <<btdm.ZIP>> 
thanks for any reply,