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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Long UIH Data Packets And DigiAnswer

Yes, the long UIH packets is bugged for ARM processors. The problem doesn't 
comme from Digianswer.

This is caused by the dirty structure cast / bit fields.

I have fixed it during UPF5, but my fix is dirty (it works though !).

I have already started rewriting rfcomm.c so that it doesn't use anymore 
structure casting (it uses just a simple bit masking), but I don't have time 
to work on it right now.

I also want to point out that the RFCOMM MTU is not working properly (maybe 
because of my fix...). When I set it up to 400, the stack doesn't work at all 
(it crashes the PC running the Digianswer stack...).

If you want, I can just send rfcomm.c to you if it helps...


Le Lundi 14 Mai 2001 21:09, John S. Kiss a écrit :

> >     Hey,
>     I'm using the OpenBT from March 6th (ARM7tdmi Little Endian) and I'm
> trying to connect to the DigiAnswer PCM card and IBM's stack. ACL links and
> browsing the SDP works great however when connecting using the LAN I'm
> getting "Long packet length doesn't match" errors. I've scanned the mailing
> list messages and added the fixed to the long_length struct ( __attribute__
> ((packed)) bits)
>     Has anyone figured out what is causing this? And has this been fixed in
> the 1.3 version of the stack?
> FYI, I've tried using the latest stack from May 5th but there are a now
> other more problems coming up. Basically I can't even get a PPP Connection
> now.
>     Any help would be very much appreciated.
>     Thanks
>     John

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