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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Connection Problems...still not working!!!

okay...i am a little on the confused side here...

after you get the connection setup working (ie we get a connection
complete event), now when we want to send an acl packet (in this case i
opened up an acl connection)...we use the acl packet discription in the
hci docuement...right????

so i have

| packet type  |   -> acl packet
| connection   |
| handle       |   -> bluetooth spec. says only 12 bits are important
| pb flag      |   -> packet boundary flag 
| bc flag      |   -> broadcast flag
| data section |

is this right...well i think it is, but when i do a write on my driver to
get the data that is all good, it is when i do a write to my driver then
it just hangs, and nothing is retrieved on the other side, meaning that my
line discipline receive buf doesn't get nothing??????

what is going on here!!!!

am i forgetting something or not formating something right???



Sami Kibria
TRLabs - Winnipeg, Manitoba. CANADA
email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca
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