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RE: [bluetooth-dev] RE: confused on HCI data packets

hello dave...thanks for the quick response...

okay i get the connection complete event with status = 0x00 (so i know
that i have a connection between my two bluetooth devices), and also by
the fact that i can also use the physical reset of the software reset to
disconnect my connection...so i know that my connection is okay...

when i don't send something right away nothing happens...when i perform a
write (ie passing my buffer from user to kernel space with my
characters) it just hangs and nothing appears on the my host b...why it
hangs i don't know...maybe i need to do a flush or something...

but when i send a dumb data packet across well i still don't see anything
from host b's perspective but then when i send another data packet across
then i see the packet on the other end but i receive an error event packet
from the hci - 0x20, that is unsupported lmp parameter value)...and my
write still hangs...


any suggestions would be awesome!


Sami Kibria
TRLabs - Winnipeg, Manitoba. CANADA
email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca
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On Thu, 17 May 2001, Gathright, Dave wrote:

> you don't have to send an acl packet immediately. there is no time-out for
> ACL data that I am aware of.
> do you receive either an error from the HC or a confirmation that the packet
> has been sent?

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