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[bluetooth-dev] IBM PC Card crashes with Axis Stack?

    Hey Everyone,
    I've using the Axis stack on an ARM7 processor against the IBM PC Card on Windows 2000.  I can get a LAN connection then ping, ftp. And I can stay up overnight with pings (size 1K) going across both ends. However once I open my web browser I can go to some sites, but then some cause the IBM Stack to close the BT Connection. Basically data stops transfering over RFCOMM and I ONLY have to reboot Windows and I can reconnect to the Axis Stack no problem. I don't know if it's the IBM stack causing this, hints show that it is because I never have to reset my box. If I change the RFCOMM MTU  size (127) then I can only do small pings across the link..
    Has anyone come across this before?