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[bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth qualification for an opensource stack


I am working on a Bluetooth device that currently uses the OpenBT stack
on an embedded Linux plattform. Some others seem to do the same. As we
all know Bluetooth qualification is needed to bring such a product to
the market. I tried to get some prices about this process - not bad, not
bad :-)

That's the situation. What can we do ? 

There are two issues I like to discuss:

1) Sharing qualification costs
Are there any companies interessted in sharing the qualification effort
for an opensource Bluetooth stack ?
This could result in a pre-qualified software stack, that could be used
by nearly everyone !

2) Opensource projects like the OpenBT stack change quickly.
What happens to a qualified Bluetooth stack if some changes are made to
the source code ? 

\ Matthias Fuchs                                 \
 \ esd electronic system design Gmbh              \
  \ Vahrenwalder Straße 205                        \
   \ D-30165 Hannover                               \
    \ email: matthias.fuchs@xxxxxxx.com      \
     \ phone: +49-511-37298-0                         \
      \ fax:   +49-511-37298-68                        \
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