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[bluetooth-dev] Sending ACL Data Packets...

hello everyone...

well i am glad to say i now can send acl data packets from bluetooth to
bluetooth module...so YEAH...

thanks a million to max, dave, and michael for all your help...


now i am wondering something else here...because for the ericsson bt you
have to send the l2cap header along with it, that means that with the hci
header part, we have to change the packet boundary flag right...

let me explain just a little more, that if we set the packet boundary flag
to 10 (first packet of higher layer message - ie start of a l2cap packet),
then the following packets (on that connection handle), the packet
boundary flag must be set to 01 (continuing fragment packet of higher
layer message) right...or can you just leave it and it should send fine???


Sami Kibria
TRLabs - Winnipeg, Manitoba. CANADA
email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca
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