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[bluetooth-dev] What Bluetooth kits/devices work with the BlueZ/Axis stack?


I would like to know from people in this list regarding the different
types and vendors of Bluetooth devices that you have found to work
succesfully with the Axis and BlueZ stacks.

In particular, what is the highest data rates that you have managed to
achieve with your devices using BlueZ and Axis, and whether TCP/IP is
running stably over the stack during high data rates?

I've gotten the Ericsson Bluetooth Application Toolkits (ROK 101 008/21 
P3F P11A) working successfully via USB over the BlueZ and Axis stacks,
however FTP and bulk UDP causes the stack and/or device to be unstable.
I'm trying to determine whether the problem is caused by the kits itself,
or by the software stack. 

Any recommendations of Bluetooth devices which can run at the max data
rate of 721/56 kbps asymmetric over the Axis/BlueZ stack?

Also, is there any web site or place where I can find out more information
about the different firmware/hardware versions (and their
capabilities/limitations) of Ericsson-based Bluetooth devices? Eg, I heard
that P3F modules only support single-slot packets. Which versions of the
modules support multi-slot packets?

Thank you in advance for the information provided.

Best regards,
Foo Chun Choong
Open Source Software Lab
National University of Singapore
http://opensource.nus.edu.sg (Temporarily at

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