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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Adding BT to Kernel tree

> i added this extern int bt_init(void); as well
> compiltion was ok.
> but I am not sure about the result of grep
> is it ok??

Im using 2.2.16 kernel and I followed the instructions of Peter
Kjellersted (Problems building OpenBT stack).

The grep for my System-map looks like this 

Directory: /usr/src/linux
src/linux> cat System.map | grep bt_
c01f4174 t bt_open
c01f41ac t bt_close
c01f41e4 t bt_put_char
c01f4220 t bt_flush_chars
c01f4250 t bt_write_room
c01f4274 t bt_chars_in_buffer
c01f429c t bt_flush_buffer
c01f42b4 t bt_ioctl
c01f5368 t bt_throttle
c01f5380 t bt_unthrottle
c01f5398 t bt_set_termios
c01f53dc t bt_start
c01f53f4 t bt_stop
c01f540c T bt_hangup
c01f5448 t bt_tty_read
c01f5464 t bt_tty_write
c01f5498 t bt_tty_ioctl
c01f54e4 t bt_tty_poll
c01f5500 t bt_tty_open
c01f5534 t bt_tty_close
c01f5598 t bt_tty_room
c01f55b4 t bt_tty_wakeup
c01f55cc T bt_write_lower_driver
c01f5664 t bt_receive_lower_stack
c01f568c t bt_write_top
c01f5764 T bt_receive_top
c01f57b4 T bt_feedstack
c01f5880 t bt_handle_indata
c01f5a18 t bt_connect
c01f5c20 t bt_execute_sdp_request
c01f5d30 T bt_connect_ind
c01f5d6c T bt_connect_cfm
c01f5f1c T bt_send_sdp_data_received
c01f5fd8 t bt_disconnect
c01f60d4 T bt_disconnect_ind
c01f6110 T bt_disconnect_cfm
c01f6174 T bt_hangupline
c01f61c0 t bt_flash_led
c01f61c4 t bt_show_version
c01f61dc T bt_initiated
c01f61e4 t bt_init_stack
c01f62b0 t bt_ctrl_init
c01f6320 t bt_reset_session
c01f63a4 T bt_sprintf_status
c01f6478 T bt_register_rfcomm
c01f6530 T bt_register_sdp
c01f65e4 T bt_unregister_rfcomm
c01f6684 T bt_unregister_sdp
c01f6728 T bt_register_tty
c01f6824 T bt_unregister_tty
c01f68e0 T bt_shutdown
c01f6a80 t bt_exit
c01f6b30 T bt_init_module
c01f6b3c T bt_exit_module
c01f6b48 t bt_read_status
c01f6c4c T bt_read_internal
c01f6da4 t bt_doit
c01f70c4 T subscribe_bt_buf
c01f7284 T get_bt_buf
c01f730c T unsubscribe_bt_buf
c01f747c T show_bt_buf
c01fb474 T bt_hw_vendor
c01fb47c T bt_hw_firmware
c0290920 d bt_stack_initiated
c0290924 d tmp_bt_buf
c0290940 D bt_status
c02909a0 D bt_internal_info
c0290a00 D bt_proc_doit
c02a38bc t bt_init
c02be5c0 b bt_ldisc.1005
c02be600 b bt_ctrl
c02be780 b bt_driver
c02be860 b bt_table
c02be880 b bt_termios
c02be8a0 b bt_termios_locked
c02be8c0 b bt_timer
c02be900 b bt_buf
c02beac0 b bt_hw_firmware_info
c02d3998 B bt_stat
c02d6ef0 B bt_receive_task

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