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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Problems building OpenBT stack

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> From: Peter Kjellerstedt [mailto:pkj@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: 21 May 2001 15:55
> To: 'Martin Townsend'; bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: RE: [bluetooth-dev] Problems building OpenBT stack
> The developer board does not support modules, so
> there is no use in trying to build the stack as one.
> You need to build it as part of the kernel build.
> You need to do at least the following:
> * Put the include/linux/bluetooth and
>   drivers/char/bluetooth directories into the same
>   locations in your kernel tree.
> * Add 'source drivers/char/bluetooth/Config.in' to
>   the end of drivers/char/Config.in (after the endmenu).
> * Add the following to drivers/char/Makefile at some
>   appropriate place:
>     subdir-$(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) += bluetooth
>     obj-$(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) += bluetooth/bt.o
> * Add the following to the end of tty_init() in
>   drivers/char/tty_io.c:
>       bt_init();
>     #endif
>   (you may need to use bt_init_module() instead of bt_init()).

The above explicit call to bt_init() only seems to
be necessary for 2.0 (and maybe 2.2) kernels. So do
not try to call it when building a 2.4 kernel.

> * Reconfigure the kernel (e.g., make menuconfig), and
>   configure Bluetooth from the new menu alternative.
> * Rebuild the kernel.
> Hope that helps.
> //Peter

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