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[bluetooth-dev] SDP_Server.o

I am having a problem making an executable in the Apps
directory..... the problem that i'm am facing is that
after running 'make' in the
openbt/apps/bluetooth/sdp_server, the returned message
is as such:
cc -L/lib sdp_server.o sdp_parser.o -lxmlparse
-lxmltok -o sdp_server
sdp_server.o: In function 'get_all_start':
sdp_server.o(.text+0x1c8d): Undefined reference to
collect2: Id returned 1 exit status
make: *** [sdp_server] Error 1

 i've tried looking into the file which caused the
error..... the sdp_server.o (but obviously found
nothing) and was thinking that it could be the
(fmt...) fields which i should have defined..... Does
anyone know of the actual problem that i'm facing and
the solution for it?
(i'm currently running btstack 20010507.tar on a linux
redhat 7.0 with a kernel ver. 2.2.16)

Thanking all reading this message in advance......

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