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[bluetooth-dev] resend: Qestions on packet loss and SDP

Sorry for the resend, but I appreciate if someone can address my questions.

I'm running axis stack on both sides with ericsson modules over UART. I have 2
doubts that I hope someone can clarify for me.

I was trying to send a file over using rf_send (rfcomm_send_data) and then on
the receiving end receive with bt_receive_top. But packets were dropped at
the other end without any notification. Let's say if I sent 4 packets:1,2,3,4.
Only 3 packets were received: 1,2,4 and no errors. So I had to implement a
protocol to add a sequence number to my packets and send a 1 byte acknowledge
for each packet to prevent packet loss. As a result the file transfer is very
very slow.

Now I wonder if this should be handled automatically through lower layers by
retransmit or other mechanisms so the higher layer(my application layer)
shouldn't have to worry about. Please let me know what am I missing here,
(probably more spec. related than Axis related).

My second question is on SDP implementation and the spec. is not clear to me.
I've ported axis stack to PC and also to an embedded processor. The way SDP is
implemented in Axis stack, it uses fork/exec which I don't have in any of these
environments. My goal is to run Axis only on receiving side and be able to run
DigiAnswer or Ericsson BlueExplorer on the other side. I need  only minimum SDP
support so my bt device can be discovered by such applications so they can start
 sending me
files. I'm looking for some tips on how to do this and which procedures to

THanks in advance,

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