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Re: [bluetooth-dev] resend: Qestions on packet loss and SDP

> Now I wonder if this should be handled automatically through lower layers
> retransmit or other mechanisms so the higher layer(my application layer)
> shouldn't have to worry about. Please let me know what am I missing here,
> (probably more spec. related than Axis related).

RFCOMM has four types of frames for link establishment/maintenance (SABM,
UA, DISC, DM) and only one frame for data tramsmission - UIH  (unnumbered
information with header check). As the name of that frame says: NO
nubmering - hence no built-in retransmission means (like HDLC has) and ERROR
CHECK (har har) for headers only. RFCOMM is legacy shit. Forget it or roll
your own X.75 on top of it.


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