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[bluetooth-dev] Problems with exectables and BT Transciever

HEllo all......

          I have tried to run the executables with the
ericsson transciever toolkit using a usb connection
and funny things happened...... i was able to listen
for addresses over the transciever but the kernel was
unable to establish a link to the device itself!

sdp_parser.c::SDP Server starting
sdp_parser.c::SDP Opening server socket/tmp/sdp_sock
sdp_server.c::SDP server listens.......

See!!! it actually listens!!!! I however haven't tried
the inquiry function yet. However...... 


Bluetooth Control Application

Running as server
Physdev/dev/ttys0, btdev/dev/ttybt0, speed 115200 baud
sdp_server: No such file or directory
bt_hw_vendor: No such file or directory
ERROR: init_phys() not implemented!
set bt line disc: invalid argument
Forgot to ismod bt.o ? [bt_disc 15]

what is ismod and what am i suppossed to do? the
sdp_server file is located in the \sdp_server
What is wrong!!?? Can anyone help? I have currently
created all of the executables starting from the
\openbt directory. And all should seem in order. 

Thanking all in advance......... THANKX!!!!

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