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RE: [bluetooth-dev] could not find xml file

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> From: Franklin Sam [mailto:samuraikingsam@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: 24 May 2001 06:46
> To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: RE: [bluetooth-dev] could not find xml file
> Hey pete! Thankx for the advice!!! we've actually had
> the init_env file and the enviroment variables for it.
> Then, we looked though the souce codes of the
> xmlparser, xmltok.... and the sdp_servers and parsers
> files... we found that there was a path specification
> defined as /hroot/lib/ which wasn't the default path

Hmm, it is probably rather $(DEVTREE_ROOT)/hroot/lib,
but if your environment variable $(DEVTREE_ROOT) is empty
you will end up with /hroot/lib. That is somewhat odd
though as $(DEVTREE_ROOT) should be set to the result of
`pwd` (ie the current directory) when init_env is sourced.

> platform that RH 7.0 should have. So, we created that
> directory (/hroot/lib/) instead of changing the
> variables defined in the enviroment and source code
> files. And it worked!!! we were able to create the
> executable file however, when we tried to execute it,
> it returned an error saying that:
> could not open xml file: no such file or directory

The sdp.xml file should be installed in /etc.

> i'm currently guessing that it doesn't know where to
> search for the xml files or that the path
> specification may be different... or it could not have
> exist at all in RH7.0. Do you guys know of any
> solution to the current problem that we are facing? or
> perhaps the variable functions that we should be
> changing and in which files? 
> Thanking all in advance...... especially pete!!!!  

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