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[bluetooth-dev] cannot run 20010507 stack under kernel mode

hi all, i am having problem when try to run the 20010507 stack under kernel
mode. the information is as following,

./btd -e 0 -m -u /dev/ttyUB0

Running as server
Phydev /dev/ttyUB0, btdev dev/ttyBT0, speed 115200 baud
sdp_server: no such file or directory
bt_hw_vendor: no  such file or directory
ERROR: init_phy() not implemented!
Registered bluetooth line discipline on /dev/ttyUB0
open_device: No such file or directory

then the stack was shutdown.

but i have no problem on running this stack under user mode and running the
20001115 stack.

ur help will be appreciated!

best regards,
liu yong

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