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[bluetooth-dev] HCI ACL data packet length problem

I've been sending some acl data packets and have found that the hci header
is being changed by the hardware before transmit.  It caps out at 0x20
0x03 for the length in the HCI header.  Even if i set the header to a
larger value, it is changed at the other end.  The l2cap header size is
fine, and doesn't get changed.  

Has anyone else noticed this?  0x03 0x20 is 800 bytes, anything higher
than that gets set to 0x03 0x20.  The data still gets sent, but the length
is wrong at the other end.  Does this have anything to do with the


Nicolas Thiessen
Research Assistant
TRLabs - Winnipeg Manitoba
(204) 488-5628

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