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[bluetooth-dev] connecting two PCs with btd : problem


I tried to connect two PC units with btd without success. My goal is to
establish a ppp connection over bluetooth.

I already manage to connect two PCs with btduser on both site. For doing that,
I used rf_conn three times, and then ppp.

If I have one computer with btd, and the other one with btduser, I succeed in
connecting them with rf_conn, and then I start ppp. A ppp connexion is
established (which appears in ifconfig), but If I look in /var/log/messages, I
see that ppp is started, die, is started again, etc (so pppd is restarted each
time with another pid). With that, I can use the ppp connection for little
things like ping, but If I want to see a web page on a not good reliable server
(the ping need about 200 ms to come back), the web page doesn't appear.

If I connected two computers with btd on both, I ge the connexion (with rf_conn
xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 0 0), but if then I start ppp, It doesn't appear in ifconfig,
and of course, I can't do any ping through it.

First question : Why is this so different between btd and btduser ?
Second question : Does someone manage to establish a ppp connexion over
bluetooth between two computers which runs btd ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Alain Paschoud
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