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[bluetooth-dev] Why i could not complie the opbt20010507?

   I had made a message,but no response,I use redhat 7.1 to complie the 0507 stack, I had change the INCLUDEDIR=/usr/src/linux-2.4.2/include   in the makefile in the /linux/drivers//char/bluetooth
the I run make,things seems go well,but when complie the btd.c,problem is presented,the message is that:
   make[1]:Entering directory '/root/openbt/apps/bluetooth'
   make all in btd for
   make[2]:Entering directory 'root/openbt/apps/bluetooth/btd'
   cc -Wall -O0 -g -DHAVE-READLINE-READLINE -                         I /root/openbt/hroot/include -MD btd.c -lreadline -ltermcap -o btd
   cpp0:Too many filenames, Type cpp0 --help for  usage info
   make[2]:***[btd] Error
   I don't know where I am wrong? Can anybody make the same problem?
   If i use the kernel 2.2.14 to complie the 0507 stack, the error messages is couldn't find the head file 'kcomp.h',and then I use the command find -name "kcomp.h", I could not find the head file yet.
   Can anybody E-mail the file kcomp.h to me or tell me what should I do?
   thank everybody
    best regard.

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