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Re: [bluetooth-dev] wat do u mean by CVS repository

On Wed, 30 May 2001, Franklin Sam wrote:

> something abt the CVS repository 's latest version of
> Openbt code.....so wat is CVS repository in the place

A CVS repository is a set of code with a history of revisions made.  People
modify copies of the code, and then when they have a stable modification
(typically a single feature or bugfix) they check that change in.  Other
people can then check that change out as soon as it is put in.  If two or
more people are working in the same piece of code, CVS has ways of handling
the collision.

Typically the CVS code is very new and untested, so it's not recommended for
the average user.  When the features and bugfixes in the code have all been
tested, then a snapshot is made and released to the wider community.  These
are the releases numbered 2001.... and so on.

> ...how and where can we access to it.Do u mean that

To get the CVS release of the OpenBT stack, look at the SourceForge site for
the stack (openbt.sourceforge perhaps, I'm sure someone will correct me) and
look for instructions.  I know they're there, I used them myself some time

> there is a patch for the latest 20010507
> (0.03)version?

That's one way of putting it, although it's not accurately a patch, but
rather the very latest (AKA bleeding edge) version of the software.

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Matthew Palmer

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